Entry way Matting

Here in Minnesota we are in the middle of the winter.  The weather plays a huge factor in how our facilities look.  After a good snow fall or very icy day alot of the outside salt and sand get drug inside.  This creates many issues with the flooring.  Today we will talk about the matting.  The entry way is your most important part of the facility.  Customers will make there assessment of your facility right away upon walking into the building.  Today I had a walk through with a large health care provider.  She was very upset that her mats were fairly new and were white and full of salt residue.  I asked if the current cleaning company cleaned them regularly.  Her reply was yes but she was not satified with her cleaning services.  The corporate offices hire the cleaning services and she was not happy with them but could not make the decision to change.  She instead would pay for our services to do the specialty projects.  Mats, tile and grout, carpet care, etc...  It was great for us but really makes you wonder what goes into the buying decisions of large buildings.  By the way this was a 200,000 Square foot facility.  I talked about our matting services.  We offer both onsite cleaning of mats and offsite cleaning of mats.  Sometimes the mats get so dirty we have to take them into our shop and clean them very well.  I have submitted all our pricing and hope to transform her entry way into something her customers can take one look at and say this is the place I would like to come for Health care it is so clean and taken care of.  Providing your customers with top notch customer service is a great way to gain trust and show them you have the knowledge to take care of there facilities.  Who knows I hope someday we can take on the whole facility and really give it a cleaning there customers will be proud of.